An online auction of Anthony Bourdain’s belongings will take place from October 9 to 30, 2019.

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When news of Anthony Bourdain’s death broke in June 2018, the influx of heartfelt tributes shared in his honor demonstrated the impact he had on people around the world—his family, friends, and fans alike. Throughout his career as a celebrity chef, best-selling author, and award-winning TV personality, Bourdain encouraged travelers to engage with people, cultures, and places—no matter how unfamiliar.

This month, an online auction of some of Bourdain’s most treasured belongings will help fund an effort to continue that legacy. Bidding runs from October 9 to 30, 2019.

The online auction includes early writings by Anthony Bourdain, among them the original “Kitchen Confidential” manuscript. Bidding starts from $150.

Photo by Sarah Buder, courtesy of Lark Mason Associates/iGavel Auctions

According to those who knew Bourdain personally, the collection of approximately 215 items presents a true portrait of the late Parts Unknown host, who had a famously “cool” and somewhat specific personal style. (Bourdain’s longtime personal assistant, Laurie Woolever, told the New York Times that the chef was selective about the items he collected despite traveling extensively and being offered gifts in most places he went.)

AFAR received a preview of the auction, dubbed “Property From the Collection of Anthony Bourdain.” The items for sale are divided into categories that reflect Bourdain’s interests, including film, art, cooking, travel, writing, and world culture.

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Among the assets available for bidding starting Wednesday, October 9, are an Alpha Industries bomber jacket that was gifted to Bourdain by the U.S. Navy in 2006 after he visited Beirut during the Israeli-Lebanese conflict.

Bourdain’s custom U.S. Navy jacket decorated with a “Tony Bourdain” patch is one of many clothing items for sale. Bidding starts from $100.

Photo by Sarah Buder, courtesy of Lark Mason Associates/iGavel Auctions

A steel and meteorite knife crafted specifically for Bourdain by the legendary American bladesmith Bob Kramer is among a list of “auction highlights.” (The chef’s knife, made in 2016, has an estimated value between $4,000 and $6,000.)

Additional items include art by Ralph Steadman, a Hunter S. Thompson collaborator and friend of Bourdain’s; a silver and bronze Michelin Man statue; plus original manuscripts of the chef’s own work.

According to the auctioneer, Lark Mason (who has made appearances on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow), the items have an estimated total value between $200,000 and $400,000.

A Michelin Man sculpture (circa 1950–1970) that Bourdain previously owned is among the 215 items in the auction. Bidding starts from $75.

Photo by Sarah Buder, courtesy of Lark Mason Associates/iGavel Auctions

After the auction’s run, 60 percent of proceeds will go to Bourdain’s daughter, Ariane Busia, and his wife, Ottavia Busia. (Bourdain and Busia were separated at the time of his death.) The remainder will be donated to the Culinary Institute of America to support a scholarship created in Bourdain’s name, providing students with access to study abroad programs or funding to research international cuisine.

The Anthony Bourdain Legacy Scholarship will be a poignant reminder of the beloved TV host’s inspiring message that continues: Never stop navigating parts previously unknown.

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This article originally appeared online in September 2019; it was updated on October 7, 2019, to include current information.

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