The Greg Mortimer in Antarctica

Photo by Tyson Mayr/Aurora Expeditions

Vast, remote, and unspoiled, Antarctica and the Arctic offer dramatic scenery like few other places on Earth and going with Aurora Expeditions is an unparalleled way to visit. As destinations packed with monumental glaciers, an expanse of ice, and mesmerizing wildlife, you’ll find picture-worthy moments everywhere you turn. (Who doesn’t want a selfie with a penguin, after all?) But scratch the surface and discover so much more: A world that feeds the imagination and soul like nowhere you’ve ever been. All you need is the right guide.

With more than three decades of experience in pioneering small-group voyages, Aurora Expeditions leads with a spirit of adventure and exploration, encouraging its passengers to take the time to truly understand this inspiring natural paradise. The Aurora expedition team has unmatched professional knowledge, and expert guides help guests learn about the region’s wildlife, geology, climate, and history, taking them on 2–3 landings per day (conditions permitting). In between Zodiac cruising, passengers can opt into an immersive personalized activity program that includes kayaking, diving, skiing, camping, and more. Here’s how to travel deeper on a one-of-a-kind expedition to the polar regions.

Learn from the industry’s top team

A Polar Bear on Prince Leopold Island, Canada

Photo by Richard l’Anson/Aurora Expeditions

With education and enrichment at the heart of each itinerary, Aurora Expeditions’ programs feature experts in the fields of exploration, conservation, science, photography, and history to enhance guests’ experiences with their own unique perspectives, research, and insights. Capture the perfect shot of polar bears or gentoo penguins with the help of an award-winning wildlife photographer. Search for fascinating wildlife on land and by zodiac in intimate groups with an expedition team to passenger ratio of 1:8. Join regular lectures to learn more about the places you’re visiting and gain a deeper understanding of the region that will stay with you for years to come.

Give back by participating in Citizen Science Programs

Passengers participating in the Citizen Science Program in Antarctica

Photo by Tyson Mayr/Aurora Expeditions

Aurora Expeditions travels to some of the most distinctive and isolated places on earth where it can be challenging for scientists to spend time. Thanks to their Citizen Science Program, passengers can help gather valuable observations and data for the scientific community, while educating themselves about pressing issues such as marine biodiversity and microplastics.

On most expeditions, a Citizen Science Coordinator will be on hand along with members of the expedition team to introduce projects being conducted during the voyage. Spot seabirds for population surveys, measure phytoplankton from your zodiac, and more to protect and preserve these precious environments.

Take your pick of immersive activities

Kayaking and watching penguins in Antarctica

Photo by Matt Horspool/Aurora Expeditions

Purpose-built ships enable Aurora Expeditions to deliver a world-class, comprehensive activities program in addition to regular Zodiac cruises and shore excursions for all passengers. Whether you plan to kayak, hike, climb, ski, snorkel, or dive, their guides have the expertise and knowledge to help you safely push the boundaries of your journey and share their love of adventure with you.

Roll out your sleeping bag and camp on the ice on the Antarctic Peninsula. Listen to penguins vocalizing in the distance as the ice pops and cracks nearby. Kayak between ice floes and into hidden bays that are inaccessible by Zodiac in the Arctic. Set out on a thrilling skiing or snowboarding tour, and even attempt Shackleton’s route across South Georgia.

Embark on a new expedition

Zodiac cruising in Canada’s Tay Bay

Photo by Michael Baynes/Aurora Expeditions

Dreaming of the Arctic? Discover Canada’s legendary Northwest Passage on a 17-day expedition. The region captivated early explorers for centuries—now you can follow their journey into a remote wilderness, meet local Indigenous people, and observe endemic wildlife.

Looking southward, on Antarctic Peninsula In Depth, you can be one of the first visitors to Antarctica for a fresh new season. This 15-day expedition in the late austral spring is ideal for photographers seeking pristine conditions. Active adventurers will also have opportunities for ski touring, snowshoeing, camping, and kayaking.

Recently, Aurora Expeditions released its new 2024/2025 Antarctic season schedule. Comprised of 25 departures to the White Continent with voyages ranging between 9 to 23 days, as well as three brand-new itineraries, it’s the most comprehensive Antarctic program available to date. Book early and save up to 25 percent off, because now is always a great time to plan your next adventure.

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