Do-C capsule hotel fuses Japanese and Scandinavian design aesthetics.

Courtesy of Do-C Ebisu

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The capsule hotel originated as an efficient way to provide cheap overnight accommodation for budget travelers in Japan. But thanks to its practical blueprint and minimalist aesthetic, the unique model has since become a type of contemporary accommodation that all kinds of travelers want to stay in—and Tokyo’s recently redesigned Do-C Hotel is raising the stakes on that claim.

The eight-story hotel—which was reimagined by Schemata Architects, a Japanese design firm founded by esteemed architect Jo Nagasaka—is located in Tokyo’s trendy Ebisu area. The unique hotel boasts 162 sleeping pods, each measuring 43 inches wide by 87 inches deep and 43 inches tall (110 cm by 220 cm by 100 cm). The minimalist space features refurbished interiors finished with raw plywood, fiber reinforced plastic, and concrete floors. As if that weren’t enough, it also includes saunas imported from Finland on the first and seventh floors.

Do-C channels the retro vibe of a capsule hotel with a modern twist.

Courtesy of Do-C Ebisu

According to Schemata Architects, the aim of incorporating the Scandinavian saunas into Do-C’s redesign was to play up the longstanding stereotype that old Japanese capsule hotels look like saunas. (Whatever the motivation was, we’re all about it.)

So how can you stay at this design-lover’s dream? Guests must check in and out of the hotel on a day-to-day basis, with rates starting from 4,900 yen, which amounts to about US$45 per day. A “Nap Plan” even allows visitors to take advantage of the sleeping pods and saunas by the hour, which means that for 1,500 yen (roughly US$14), travelers on a short time schedule can enjoy a quick nap in a sleeping pod, rejuvenate themselves in the sauna, or use the hotel lounge as office space. Each additional hour costs 500 yen (a measly US$5).

Take a a closer look inside the Do-C Hotel below:

The capsule hotel’s newly added saunas were imported directly from Finland.

Courtesy of Do-C Ebisu

Capsule hotels like Do-C have inched closer toward luxury without losing their convenience factor.

Courtesy of Do-C Ebisu

Shampoo, conditioner, and soap are provided in each shower unit.

Courtesy of Do-C Ebisu

At Do-C, saunas are available for use any time between 1 p.m. and 10 a.m.

Courtesy of Do-C Ebisu

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