Two women pause in an ancient step well in a village near the city of Jaipur.

Photo by Ami Vitale

Looking for something to fill that empty space on your wall while hoping to do some good in the world? Vital Impacts is currently holding its Impact Now Humanitarian Relief Sale, an event that features some of the most iconic images created by National Geographic photographers like Jodi Cobb, Jimmy Chin, and Melissa Farlow. All of the profits from the campaign will be donated to Direct Relief, a charity that provides doctors and nurses with life-saving medical equipment and supplies.

Founded in 2021 by award-winning photographer Ami Vitale (who made AFAR’s list of Women to Watch in 2020) and visual journalist Eileen Mignoni, Vital Impacts—owned and led by women—is a nonprofit based in Montana dedicated to providing financial assistance to community organizations, protecting wildlife habitats, and uplifting budding photographic talent. This is Vital Impacts second sale, but Vitale has organized print sales that benefit conservation nonprofits for the past four years.

After the Last Bell ceremony in schools, students from around Kyiv come to the Podil area to celebrate.

Photo by Dina Litovsky

She created this flash sale in direct response to the many conflicts that are happening across the world, including the war in Ukraine. The pieces on offer, some of which have never been for sale, range from cuddling polar bears to Yosemite Valley. Vitale selected them in hopes they will inspire viewers to reflect on the beauty and the persevering nature of the human spirit.

“Photography can remind us all that we have a lot more in common than we often realize,” Vitale says. “It has the unique ability to transcend all languages and help us understand our deep connections to one another and to all of life on this planet. It is the ultimate tool for creating empathy, awareness, and understanding across cultures, communities, and countries.”

A couple joins fellow Ukrainian demonstrators during the country’s “Orange Revolution” protests.

Photo by David Guttenfelder

There are 112 different images available and prints are in two sizes: 11 x 16 inches ($275) and 16 x 24 inches ($675). The photographs are printed with matte ink museum-grade paper. Plus, all aspects of this sale, the printing, shipping, the ordering system, and website, have all been carbon offset so it’s also environmentally friendly. Grab one while you can—the print sale ends on May 10.

Swimmers by the beach in St. Malo, France

Photo by Ian Teh

A girl poses as the Princess of Tundra in the Nenets reindeer herders’ camp.

Photo by Evgenia Arbugaeva

Matterhorn at dawn, photographed in 1993 at Zermatt, Switzerland.

Photo by James Balog

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