A new elevated footpath allows visitors to experience the majestic redwoods from more than 100 feet off the ground.

Photo by Eddy Alexander for City of Eureka

Within the Sequoia Park Zoo, a small but mighty zoo in a Northern California forest, is a new attraction that’s already doubling the number of visitors to this corner of Eureka. California’s oldest zoo is now home to the new Redwood Sky Walk, a maze of interconnected platforms and suspended bridges that give visitors a jaw-dropping panoramic view of the redwood floor, flora, and fauna as far as the eye can see.

In addition to the sheer thrill of being more than 100 feet up—one-third of the way up these majestic trees, which reach 250 feet—participants get an immersive education in the history and ecology of the Coastal Redwood region in California.

Get up close and personal with the trees on this 1,104-foot path.

Photo by Eddy Alexander for City of Eureka

A total out-and-back path of approximately 1,104 feet, the self-guided experience is the longest skywalk in the western United States, followed by the 69-foot-long Grand Canyon Skywalk. It’s designed to inspire nature lovers as they take in the forest’s beauty while reading the informative markers along the walkways.

“Both locals and visitors alike will, undoubtedly, enjoy seeing our special park from this new perspective, and the Redwood Sky Walk’s new interpretive signage and programming will help more people than ever before understand the delicate intricacies and dependencies of our local ecosystem,” says Eureka Mayor Susan Seaman.

Visitors begin their outdoor adventure on an ascent ramp that’s 360 feet, meant to simulate a virtual climb to the top of the tallest known living coastal redwood, which is 380 feet. The interconnected platforms and bridges are clearly visible when you reach the Launch Deck, at the top of the ramp.

The new pathway has ADA accessible ramps.

Photo by Eddy Alexander for City of Eureka

The popular walkway is designed with ramps that make it ADA accessible, with the exception of the optional Adventure Segment of the route, which includes 36-inch-wide suspension bridges. It may be difficult for some mobile accessibility devices to traverse the bridges, so guests have the option forge on or turn around and head back. From this northernmost platform, you stand at an incredible vantage point to see mature second-growth redwood trees over 200 years old and called the “ancient kings of the forest.”

Last month, the grand opening of the Redwood Sky Walk helped bring 22,765 people through the zoo’s entrance—more than doubling the number of visitors in June 2019, says Sherry Wallace, who handles public relations for the City of Eureka. Entrance to the Redwood Sky Walk is only available through the Sequoia Park Zoo. One ticket gets visitors into both the Sky Walk and the zoo.

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