Explorations travelers wandering the trails of Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula.

For many travelers, it isn’t enough to just visit a destination, they need to connect to it. Discovering the soul of a new destination comes by way of true-to-life experiences and immersing yourself in the everyday. With Explorations by Collette, you do just that—traveling beyond the destination and discovering a true slice of life through incredible experiences.

Today’s rising trend of experiential travel means that more people are looking to forge a deeper connection on their travels. There’s interest in seeing popular sights, but what they’re really looking for is connection to the culture by way of authentic experiences. This desire has inspired Explorations to provide authentic, hard-to-replicate travel experiences that place an emphasis on connecting with a destination in a unique and meaningful way.

Few tour companies have embraced this trend with such an innovative an original approach as Explorations. Other companies may offer the chance to sample truffles in Provence, but Explorations goes one step further, inviting you to search for them with a local chef and his truffle-hunting dogs. You may have the opportunity to see the dunes of the Sahara on your own travels, but with Explorations, you’ll spend two incredible nights sleeping amongst them.

Are you the type of traveler that will be drawn to Explorations? Read on to find out who Explorations is created for.

Explorations guests searching for wildlife during a game drive at South Africa

You Have an Adventurous Spirit
Explorations travelers are culturally curious and have an eagerness to step outside what’s known. When you are offered the chance to try something new—be it an unfamiliar food or a new activity—do you generally say “yes”? Do you think that your best travel stories come from when you ventured out of your comfort zone a little and embraced the unknown? Explorations offers experiences that truly reveal the essence of a new destination, and they allow you to engage your taste for adventure.

You Want to Experience a Slice of Life
Shopping in a neighborhood market. Eating what the locals eat. Sharing a meal in someone’s home. This is what it’s like to experience a destination like a local. With Explorations, you’ll find connection with local life in ways you would be hard-pressed to do on your own or with another tour company. From a home-hosted meal in Italy to a moving walk through Colombia’s Comuna 13, you’ll discover more of what life is truly like.

Explorations travelers trying local dishes and drinks in Colombia.

You Want Someone Else to Handle the Logistics
Each Explorations trip is handcrafted by a group of experts who make traveling the world their life. They forge relationships and find those true-to-life moments that make travel special. With an Explorations LEAD (Liaison to Experiences, Adventures, and Discovery) at the helm, every day is expertly coordinated and every logistic is handled. For included experiences, there’s no need to worry over details like train schedules and standing in line for special experiences. All you need to do is embrace the journey.

You are Driven to Connect with the World
Travel isn’t just about where we go, but who we meet along the way. With Explorations, you’ll go beyond surface level experiences and get to know local life on a more intimate level. Whether it’s joining a local guide on an evening reindeer safari in pursuit of the northern lights or accompanying a chef to a local market and preparing a meal using the freshest ingredients, Explorations seeks to connect you to the cultures of the world in a more authentic way.

To learn more about Explorations and find the right travel experience for you, visit explorations.com.

Explorations by Collette

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